Collections of original abstract paintings on canvas.

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project five is a creative study in abstract expressionism

Having spent the majority of my adult life working in office environments, I know first hand what it feels like to feel confined and trapped doing something that is unfulfilling.

Now I've broken free from that world, I study a range of medium and creative methods by painting with no confinement or restrictions. Creating what I want and sharing it with the world.

Project Five is one of my studies.

Each piece of art in the Project Five collection has been painted onto a twice coated, stretched cotton canvas. The textures of the paint and the canvas give you a high-quality feel and look. Although each piece varies in style, you're bound to find something you love. Whether that's the technicality of a piece or the simplicity & boldness.

Each framed to perfection. Then boxed and presented in a way that you'll never forget. A truly special edition to your home that will last a lifetime and spark conversations for years to come.

"Slowly but surely, the collection of Lloyd Coenen's works is growing. They contribute to the artistic atmosphere already in Italy! Thank you, Lloyd!"

Ivan Bradev - Italy

"Lloyd’s artwork is more beautiful in person and I am so glad I ordered it!"

Jean Alvey - UK